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Creative Brief


Your Name:  Lori Peters                   

Your Brand:          Netflix   


What business challenge are we trying to address?


Netflix is still in the lead for streaming videos, but customers now have other options including Amazon Prime, Red Box Instant, and Hulu Plus. Netflix is producing new content like “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” to beat out the competition. They also recently made an exclusive deal to acquire Warner Brothers’ TV’s shows like “Big Bang Theory”.


Netflix needs to sign up new subscribers.  Netflix integration with Facebook is the key to this.  Netflix subscribers can now see what Facebook friends are watching right on Netflix home screen.  There is a row of movies and TV shows that Facebook friends have watched and rated.  Netflix is more fun when shared with friends. 


Whom are we talking to?
We are talking to educated adults 18-45 who share everything on the Internet.  They have a smart phone, an iPad, a lightweight laptop computer and a large screen HD TV. Whenever they have free time they are on the Internet or watching TV. They love watching an entire TV series in one weekend.  They are strongly influenced by what their friends like.  They share trends, tips and sales they see on line. They always share their favorite videos with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.  They don’t always have time or money to catch the latest film in theatres.


What do they currently think?


They may still think of Netflix as a DVD mailing company. They would love to see new movies, but can’t afford to pay $14 to see movies in the theatre.  They want a better option.


What would we like them to think after seeing our communication?


They want to subscribe to Netflix so they can watch with friends. They can instantly see “House of Cards” after their friend suggests it. They laugh more when they share a joke with a friend.  They can watch “Walking Dead” and rave about favorite Zombie moments with friends.  They believe a Netflix subscription is the best part of the web and is available with a Wi Fi connection.


What would we like them to do after seeing our communication?


Sign up for a Netflix subscription and ask their friends to subscribe as well. A Netflix subscriber likes his Facebook friend’s taste so he asks him to subscribe to Netflix so they can see what shows they both enjoy and talk about them.


What is the single-most important idea we are trying to convey?


Netflix is more fun when shared with Facebook friends.


Why should they believe it?


They can go on and see what movies and TV shows Facebook friends are watching. They can share the laughs and share the memories on Facebook. 

Platform For Netflix Campaign


Tell your Facebook Friend




You had a rough day at work.  Your friend on Facebook cheered you up with a funny meme.  She also sent you a free Netflix trial as a gift. There is nothing on TV you want to watch anyway.  You play a game on your Xbox and Your cat purrs in your lap.  You drink hot cocoa.   You decide to sign up for Netflix.

You see a row of your Facebook friend’s movies.  That’s pretty cool.  You check it out.  You feel like you’re in the movie.  An impish hipster approaches you and stares at you with big, soulful eyes.  You look away. He’s pale like a vampire.  You kiss his velvet lips. He strokes your hair.  You can barely breathe.  He brings tears to your eyes then makes you laugh.

Wow.  What an experience.  Were you dreaming?  No, you were watching Netflix.  You just have to tell your Facebook friend.